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Hairstylist e Makeup Artist

"I chose my way when I did not know it yet.

I remember the scissors blades spinning from the fine cloths scattered on my mother's atelier tables. Perhaps that is why I feel myself a little son of art: among coated pages, dresses and colors I've breathed in fashion since I was young and in every corner of my home. A recurring game was to put, one behind the other, one button and another and another, in long files that never met, almost like the infinite hair I would have taken care of. What is certain is that at twelve I have already decided. I also wrote it at school, in a composition. After umpteenth disappointment, going out of a barber shop who once again had not understood how I wanted to be, I decided that I would be the hairdresser of people who are not satisfiedt.

From that moment on, studying, researching and the meeting with the master Tony and Guy and Vidal Sassoon helped me along my successful path.

Today, thirty years after, my thirst for knowledge has not diminished but, instead, has pushed me to deepen beauty through make up and photography. And I'm always here, at work, with that passion that every day of my life supports me in the race to my dream..."