7 golden rules for hair

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This is the first real beauty secret, as long as this operation is  perfectly executed.

First you should wisely choose the right brush. Every type of hair, from long to short, from curly to straight (and  the list   could continue), requires a special brush. But, probably, some of you are not going to have a drawer full of brushes .Ok … I recommend  you one which performs  the tasks of all the others: PADDLE BRUSH-SHU- UEMURA. A flat brush on a soft pad, double natural bristles which detangle the hair  making it shiny from root to tip.

rby-shu-uemura-paddle-brush-lgnBut how do you brush your hair? What is the right method? Let us  begin to say that the hair  must be dry so that not to be damaged. Are you surprised?  Is it a wonder?  Well … I had imagined it.

So let’s re-open (do not worry … it’s just for one second) the pages of our old science textbook. The hair is a fiber formed by internal bonds. Now imagine this structure as a ladder where the rungs are  hydrogen bonds alternated with sulfur ones. These, by their nature, have the task to give strength and resistance to the hair fiber. When the hair is wet, the hydrogen bonds tend to break weakening the entire structure. So, if you pass the brush in this phase, you damage the hair.

There is another reason, no less important, why  we must  brush  the hair only when it is dry. If we don’t disentangle it, the detergent molecules will be deposited on the hair during the rinsing phase. This will lead to a conflict with the balm molecules. Considering that the shampoo cleans and  the balm gives the right amount of sebum removed during the washing, we will achieve the opposite effect of a proper cleansing, neutralizing what the balm should really do. Then, if you brush your hair  when it is dry, before shampooing  it means  to have a more nourished and balanced hair.

For a proper brushing we begin with disentangling the hair starting from the tips and then get closer to the roots gently. Then we slide the brush starting from the neck to the forehead. Then we proceed to the sides before arriving on the top of the head. It is better not to brush the  roots  too hard in order not to stimulate the sebaceous glands that could make our hair fat. We conclude brushing from top to bottom.

An important trick is to pass the brush close to the skin. This is to help the  oxygenation,  to stimulate the microcirculation and close the scales of the hair fiber. You will be surprised how the hair will be more healthy and shiny





A mistake that many of you may do is to apply the shampoo directly on the hair. You are wrong! The correct operation is to pour a small amount on the palm of the hand and then to take it with the fingertips of the other hand. Pay attention ! The shampoo should never be applied to the hair but only on the skin, with  a circular  massage and only in seven specific points: three in the middle (front, center, and rear), two on the left side (front and rear) and two on the right side (front and rear). Do not rush to do this step, try to make this passage a pure pleasure for you and your beauty.

So … DO NOT wash your hair and do NOT rub it!  Conclude with  a good rinsing.



This  passage  is not always taken into consideration because it underestimated. But who of us, after the shower, does not apply a nourishing cream on his body? Who of us, when he is waken   up or before  going to sleep, does not apply a moisturizing cream  on his face? And here the question arises … why don’t do it for our scalp?

Our skin produces a sebum secretion and  water  essential to keep elasticity and balance  to the skin. And if the scalp is well balanced,  also our hair will be as well healthy and beautiful. The tonic acts just following this principle so that it is fundamental always to keep it in our beauty case.

It’s important, then,  not to wash it off, but leave the tonic work for at least 5 minutes.


There are too many false myths about this topic.  Perhaps you have asked yourself  too many times, whether it is right or not to use a balm after shampooing. I want to give you a quick and decisive response that deletes your doubts definitely. The balm should be used ALWAYS!

If your friend told you that she does not use the balm because it gets the hair heavy and dirty, perhaps she has  used a wrong product  or probably she did not do  a few simple gestures. Let’s see what they are.

Also in this case we pour a small amount of balm on the palm of the hand. We proceed by distributing it on our hands and, contrary to what happens for the shampoo,  we apply it only on the tips and lengths. At this point we comb the hair,  very gently, leaving it on  for 5 minutes and  rinse  it well. If the hair is thick and dry rinsing may be more superficial. If the hair is thin and with little volume, rinsing must be more intense. And do not forget to tell it  to your friend!




The tamponing  must be  a part of  our beauty ceremony too. We can interpret it as a ritual that, if executed without haste, will be able to give us a feeling of extreme pleasure.

The hair scales are superimposed one to the other just like those of a fish. And if we take two fish, one at the head and one at the tail, and rub them together, the scales are lifted and become irritated.

This is why the hair should not be rubbed but tamponed, wrapping them gently with a soft towel. Take advantage of these minute  to massage the face with a nourishing and scented cream also ensuring harmony to your spirit.




After tamponing the hair, I always recommend to apply on the tips a nourishing oil that will also serve as sealant for more protection.

So we comb the hair, massaging from the roots to the ends, always with a certain softness, and we apply the oil. I always suggest an Argan oil or a Japanese camellia oil.


Geishas are always  using camellia oil to take care of their hair. In fact, it is considered one of the most famous Japanese beauty remedies, even mentioned in one of the oldest books in the world, “The Tale of Genji”, which tells that the Japanese women of the  court used  camellia oil to set their hair.



This is the last rule, but also the most important if we want to have perfect hair.

To rebuild damaged hair means to restore and repair them properly.  It means to correct their Ph bringing it back to a “healthy value.”

If your hair is broken and damaged you  need to replace the amino acids and chains of the protein  of the capillary fibers, repairing the structure and preventing possible future breakage.


This is a treatment that should not be done every time  we do our usual shampoo. Will need to do it periodically, every 15-30 days, depending on the degree of the hair damage.

And here let me give you an additional and valuable advice: RESCUE SYSTEM Newsha. It is an intensive treatment based on nanotechnology which, thanks to its ultra-light molecular weight, allows  to penetrate deeply into the closed cuticles and restore the health of the hair immediately. A treatment that does not do it heavy but retains the natural volume and protects against breakage and  dehydration.


And if we want our hair to be again a cause of envy for our neighbor, the supermarket cashier, and why not … our weapon of seduction and sensuality, why not intervene immediately with a valid shock treatment which will repair our hair from the damage caused by our summer follies?





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