Hair trends spring summer 2017: cuts and colours

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Winter seems to have no intention of abandoning us. The days are still quite cold and windy and rainy. But let’s admit it…what we like most is to pamper oneself in front of th TV with grandmother’s woolen socks. Ok…have a good cup of hot chocolate into the bargain, but do not forget to keep up-to-date on what hair trend will be for the next spring-summer season 2017. Just not to make you unprepared and not risk to choose a cut or colour that may make you feel out of fashion. So here’s a look at what’s going to be a trend.



You can choose among the pastel colours and the bright colours of the delicious lollipop until you get to show a rainbow hair.


A duty to have hair as if brightened by the sun, even before putting your feet on the sand.


Even cooler if you add some coloured locks.

-Platinum blonde

As if to have the sun on.

-Red strawberry

Impeccable on light skin.


Ideal for massive and wavy hair.

blue pixie

orange and rose hair

rose and blu hair

fashion rainbow hair

yellow hair band

blonde hair fashion

red hair


-For long hair

Well smooth and hyper long or graduated with asymmetrical fringe. But also ultra-voluminos with sinuous waves.

-For medium hair

The cuts mostly seen on the walks are those drawn down or with even cuts and a center line. But if you just want to be “over the top”, the Lob is the most popular.

-For short hair

Do not miss points pixie cut, a little childish but at the same time elegant, and the bob.

purple long hair

long hair color

long hair photo

light gray and yellow hair

hair bangs

color shade hair

red hair


-High pontynail

It always keep its sexy and “aggressive” character, ideal for summer nights to spend with friends to sip an aperitif or for the crazy evening in nightclubs.


Let’s use fantasy and creativity to transformer your hair into an artistic twist.

-Flat waves

A trend, if slightly outlined and on the whole lenght of the hair.

-Wet effect

To feel oneself a bit like the women of the island of Tahiti painted by Paul Gauguin.

new hair tones

medium hair waves

Now it’s up to you: choose the cut and the colour that suits your look or if you prefer…twist it!