Streetstyle braids

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Are you tired of the usual hairstyle? Do you wish to see your hair combed differently and maybe somewhat out of the ordinary? How do not agree with you…and it does not always seem so easy to change. You look around you and a hairstyle looks like another…maybe you think you already have tried them all. But the world of hairstyle has endless resources and there is no reason to be discouraged.

What about trying to twist your hair? No…I’m not refering to the “Red-haired Anna” braids…and I’m not even offering you the classic braid. I know you’re not looking for a hairstyle that gives you a childish look. I am suggesting you to tie your hairs in an artistic way. Try to roll them, fix them, and…ruffle them! I’m not talking about a compound and strict hairstyle, rather a decidedly “urban” streetstyle. And believe me…the variants are really many.

Double braid

A small braid that starts from the pop of the head and fits into a larger braid.

double braid

Tribal braids

One of the most interesting inspirations coming from “ghetto style”. A redisgn of African braids in a modern key. They become chic the addition of a brilliant accessory.

woman fashion hair

original braids

Side braids

Adjoining braces on the sides and center back combing for a decidedly rock style.

new hair tones

new color hair

Messy braiding

Variant for long hair. Free forelocks and braided torchon attached to the head.

trendy hairstyles

hairstyles masterpieces

new style

Braid torchon

Ideal for long hair.

torchon hairstyle



Braid with waves

Braids falling behind the head and retro waves framing the face.

hair waves


Not very easy to realize…any way you can ask for help to an experienced hairstyler.

how do braids


In short…the braid allows you to show a very versatile look. You can indulge in adding coloured accessories, strings, ribbons, gems or special clips. You can also give different shades to your locks by choosing from the many nuances you have seen and proposed on the walk. And if your hair is too short, the extensions can be used to help you; they are beautytools and essential allies to be applied with a clip!

Just a bit of patience, a touch of creativity and some agility in your fingers. In particular, look around: the road is the most inspiring walkway.