The 14 tricks to have perfect lips

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Who of us doesn’t wish to have perfect lips?

However we know it: the lips are the best card for our femininity. That is why we would love them soft, sensual, fleshy and never vulgar.

Today I want to reveal 14 tricks that will make your lips look kiss-proof.


  1. If you have particulary cracked lips, you cannot pretend it is anything! First, put the butter-cream on the dry lips and then exfoliate them with a clean mascara stick. You will notice your lips have become smoother and ready for applying your lipstick.
  2. Sometimes you have found the lipstick spread on your teeth and think “Alas, how many people have seen me this way?”. In order to avoid this unpleasant inconvenience, the trick, is to put a finger inside your mouth (after applying the lipstick) tightening your lips around it and then pulling it out. Maybe, then, remember to clean your finger!
  3. Use a correction brush to apply the lipstick accurately and if you want to get an opaque effect. Instead, if you want to get a brigther effect, use an eye shadow brushlipstick application with brushes
  4. If you want your lipstick to last longer use translucent powder. Give a lip colour to your lips, place a paper tissue on your mouth and with the aid of a brush spread th powder that will help you to fix the colour.
  5. If often happens that you buy a beautiful lipstick and then you find that, when applied on the lips, the colour does not look like as it seemed before. This is because the basic colour of our lips is not uniform but has many red and pink natural shades that inevitably end up altering the colour of the lipstick when we apply it. To ensure that the colour remains identical to what appears on the packaging, just put a damp layer before applying any lipstick.
  6. It is possible to remodel the lips by covering them with a corrector and then draw a slightly line outside the natural contour of your lips with a pencil. In this way the lips will appear bigger! I reccommend, not exaggerate!!!
  7. Tamp the lips it in the right way: do it between one application and the other by pressing a tissue-paper between your lips. Your lipstick will last longer!
  8. To get a nude-look lipstck use a shade darker than your skin. If you have a dark complexion, choose a brown chocolate, a brown tending to pink or a brown caramel. If you have a medium-tonal complexion, instead, choose an orange. Finally, if you have a light complexion try with a touch of rose. nude-look lips
  9. If you like red lipstick and want to maximize your beauty look, choose it in the right nuance, just as stars do according to their skin tone. If you are olive-skinned, choose an orange red. If you are clear opt for a blue-based red. Finally, if you are dark prefer a bordeaux. And remember what Coco Chanel said: “If you’re sad, if you have a love problem, put on a red lipstick”.                                    red lips
  10. Offer your Cupido bow the attention it deserves! Refine it by drawing an X in the center of the upper lip. bow of Cupid tutorial
  11. Give a pop effect to your lips by defing the outside with a corrector put with a brush.
  12. It would appear trivial, but when it’s hot, keep your lipstick in the fridge!
  13. If you apply a lipstick shade on your lips and then a clearer shade in the center, your mouth will have a more fleshy effect.
  14. Use your favorite pink lipstick also as a fard for cheeks. Just soften it with your fingers exactly as you would for a creamy fard.
  15. In addition to these 14 small but smart tricks I want to leave you also a useful and no less important advice: “To have attractive lips pronounce kind words” Audrey Hepburn.