Eyebrows study

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Well positioned eyebrows are one of the fundamental points of a face,having the advantage of not beingbound to their natural position,unlike the eyes, that with a clever make-up,can be lengthened or enlarged,but they cannot be moved.The eyebrows, on the other hand, offerendless possibilities … Read More

The 14 tricks to have perfect lips

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Italiano EnglishWho of us doesn’t wish to have perfect lips? However we know it: the lips are the best card for our femininity. That is why we would love them soft, sensual, fleshy and never vulgar. Today I want to … Read More

Trends make-up spring/summer 2017

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Italiano EnglishAnd after the hairstyle trends for the spring-summer 2017, I go back to talk to you to tell you what will be the fashion make-up. The variants are numerous and will surely satisfy all of you, especially people daring … Read More

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