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Italiano EnglishBy its nature every rule exerts an attraction directed towards its own rupture. Art Director: Andrea Manni Photographer: Luigi di Maro Hair Design: Federica Sparano Make Up: Simona Calvisi Model: Diletta Falconi OutFit: Mirko Giommarelli Location: Circo Medrano

Eyebrows study

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Well positioned eyebrows are one of the fundamental points of a face,having the advantage of not beingbound to their natural position,unlike the eyes, that with a clever make-up,can be lengthened or enlarged,but they cannot be moved.The eyebrows, on the other hand, offerendless possibilities … Read More


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Italiano EnglishTony & Guy at Salon International in London 2016. Reflector lights on the countless varieties of braids, the protagonists of on art that has been handed over for centuries. Hairstyles that turn into true masterpieces. Short hair with “dusconnected” … Read More

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