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Who killed Kaspar Hauser?

Perhaps the German Society, when the cas became a real news in Europe in the eighteenth century, wondered: who killed Kaspar Hauser?

Maybe it was hi jailer, when Kaspar Hauser revealed his story to the psychologist who had him in care…

Closed inside a dark room,deprived of any freedom and human contact. All this perhaps because he was the illegitimate son of someone very well-known…

Or maybe the German Society, when the case became a real news in Europe in the eigthteenth century, considered it a “strange” phenomenon.

In fact he could see in the dark and more.

Science analyzed him all throughout to the human end.

Many who had heard of him considered him only a juggler, or even a rogue.

Perhaps in each of us there is a Kaspar Hauser, deprived of something.

Concept, Hair Design, Make Up and Photo: Andrea Manni
Model: Alessio Catalini, Zar (the dog), Elena Camarri