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MANDALA “Essence” (Manda) + “to own” or “to contain”.

The word is used to indicate a circular diagram and plays a spiritual and ritual meaning. The Mandala is the process by which the cosmos was formed from its center; through a complex symbolism  it allows a kind of initiatory journey that gives  you the possibility to grow inside. The true Mandala can be only mental, the physical images are used to build the true Mandala which is formed in the minds of  people and are consecrated only in the period of spiritual meditation. At the end of the work, after a certain period of time, the Mandala is simply “destroyed” sweeping away the sand or the natural element of which it is composed. This act remembers  the transience of things and their rebirth, as the destructive force,  which is also the force that gives life.

Creator & Photo: Andrea Manni