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Tom Rebl: Shocking Radiance. Milan fashion welcomed us in its dressing rooms for the start of its work, within the Dance House, well known Academy of modern dance. It has incredibly surprised us with the realization of the most extraordinary event of his shows: Tom Rebl.
There were models of different nationalities and professional dancers that seemingly were on the same fashion parade without our perceiving. Suddenly during the parade, there happened something queer and original. A dancer went from a normal to a lopsided walk at the limit of falling and then returned and continued to go normally. Just as if nothing had happened giving us a great amazement. Fashion and dance were fused in a perfect synergy: a really artistic show.

The mood of the theme proposed by the designer is a vintage of oriental inspiration , it is a creative and imaginative personality, which is reflected on the whole collection.

White and black are contrasted in a perfect balance, to promoting each other, sometimes embellished by metallic gray.
Black Total Look is the imperative, soiled by a little white effect for an Oriental style, vintage at the same time.

Hair Design, Make Up and Photo: Andrea Manni

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